Strategic Analysis

Our impressive suite of in-house strategic and technical capabilities allows us to rapidly identify and evaluate exciting opportunities for our clients. Because we’re across the full lifecycle of our companies, we can offer advice at every step – from early-stage capital raisings and mergers and acquisition financing through to project evaluation and complex capital structure decisions.

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Structuring and Valuation

A strong commercial overlay permeates all of our advice, which we provide across the full spectrum of the capital structure. We deliver innovative solutions underpinned by a deep understanding of key market drivers.

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Sales and Trading

We offer offer trading and sales desks. Clients can access Australian and International equities, securities lending (stock borrow) and access to all Australian exchanges (ASX & Chi-X & NSX). Access to Australia company IPOs, placement and capital raise opportunities.

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Bright ideas and intelligent research are critical to any successful investment strategy. That’s why we invest in the best and brightest analysts. Our dedicated team of independent analysts provide timely expert opinions and in-depth-research reports that inform our decisions.

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